Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to the questions in your mind on eBook conversion processes.

How much time is required to carry out the conversion process?

Depending on the complexity of the content of the manuscript, the conversion process could be completed within 72 hours, at maximum. We could finish manuscripts with just text content / simple content, within 48 hours or less.

What all could be included in an eBook?

We could include all required parts of content / elements in an eBook like ranging from a navigable Table of Contents to indexes with internal and external links, depending on the type of manuscript.

Which file format do you convert normally?

Generally, we accept PDF, Microsoft Word, Quark Xpress, HTML, Open Office, .pages(mac) and Adobe InDesign as standard formats, apart from hard copies / scanned copies. Nevertheless, you may let us know in case you have the manuscript in a different format other than these.

How much do you charge?

Our charges are indeed very reasonable, which you would find to be worth the work we do. Once you submit your requirement via our ‘Instant Quote’, our Executive will get back to you with the quotation for your job.

Will it be possible to read my eBook on all of the eReader devices available?

Yes, the eBooks converted by us could be read on all digital reading devices including Amazon Kindle, Apple’s iPad, iPhone, Nook and as well as all computer apps and mobile devices.

Do you offer guarantee on eBooks quality?

We are always focused on quality. To ensure quality, we carry out double in-house quality checks and make the file error-free at our end.  We provide the clients with proofs prior to preparing the final files, which the client can make use of, to make corrections / minor alterations. We do rectify any error made by our team in the final files (if anything occurs at all), free of charge.

Do you retain the originality of the book?

Yes, definitely.  We involve manual processes for the sake of retaining originality of the book, taking care that none of the content, especially images, tables, etc., get deviated from the originality of size, image, position as well as colors, which is not possible when totally automated processes are involved.

How safe will my manuscript be in your custody?

We offer total security to your content at all stages until we deliver the final file to you. Moreover, the final file copy at our custody will be kept always safe, as we offer perfect firewall protection and also encryption for all data transfer between you and us.

Is an ISBN mandatory for eBooks? automatically assigns a unique ten digit ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), once an eBook is published via the KDP website and hence, a separate ISBN is not required for publishing through Amazon’s Kindle.  However, an ISBN is a must for publishing an eBook in Apple iBook store while it is not required for publishing in Barnes & Noble.  Moreover, the ISBN number of a printed book cannot be used for the eBook version – should get unique ISBN for each eBook separately, if at all an ISBN is needed for an eBook.

Do you offer eBook conversion services for books in languages other than English?

We do offer eBook conversion service for other languages too, such as German, French, Spanish, Russian, Greek, Slovak, Polish, Dutch, Italian, Swedish, Turkish and many more…

I have printed books. Can you convert them into eBooks?

Yes, we do handle this process very well with our professional / technical experts who have hands on experience in the digitization of manuscripts in printed form (hard copy).  All the content of the printed manuscripts including texts, tables, and diagrams / images will be scanned and converted into a soft copy format using a specific tool, which will be further processed and converted to the required eBook format.  However, the hard copy manuscript conversion will be higher than the standard charges.
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