Fixed Layout eBook Conversion Services

Fixed layout eBooks is a format that does not allow text to re-flow when viewed in the eReader devices, and that lets the reader to change the font as well as text size to the desirable level. This format is useful for books with lots of images like children’s books and cookery books. Other than these two, books like Travel guides, Restaurant guides, Business guides, Text books / learning materials as well as company reports and annual reviews are those that requires fixed file format. Thus, fixed layout enables retaining originality of the content, with regard to appearance.


This is a format that is applicable for texts in multi-columns and illustrations as well as photographs. It is useful in having the ratios of the text or image sizes unchanged and to retain the original colors of the images as well as text.



Our fixed layout ePub conversion services professionals will:

  • Create multi-column text pages.
  • Illustrations or artistic photography.
  • Ratios of the size of text/image which must not change.
  • Colors which must be true to the paper version.
  • Full page fixed layout rendering that mirrors the printed book page design.
  • Custom font support in scalable vector format.
  • Read aloud with autoplay.

Formats We Work On

  • Manuscript
  • PageMaker Image
  • Scanned Copies
  • Print Copies/Hard Copies
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • PDF
  • Quark
  • Text and more

Advantages of using our eBook Conversion Services:

  • Suitable ePub formatting with attention to details. We try making your ebooks better than the real ones.
  • Lower costs by deploying one system to manage, combine, transform and publish the entire electronic content.
  • Speed up time to market by converting information across every platform.
  • Deploy consistently laid out processes for quality conversions.
TRAIL OFFER: We offer a sample (Trail) job without cost or obligation to give valuable insight into our
high quality conversion service and quick turnaround time, before embarking on the entire project.

Send us your book and we will return to you, a few chapters of your title in high-quality ePub/Mobi format.

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